The fear of the sublime transforms into beauty when it is understood.

Conservation was the first step of the Alerce 3000 foundation, which, since its inception, has sought to perpetuate and restore the natural environment. This was driven by the understanding that environmental conservation is an objective with which everyone should feel committed. However, over the years, the foundation has realized that conservation, like preservation, achieves better results through active participation.

Understanding nature as something sublime, it is through understanding that we leave behind fear and appreciate its beauty. Based on this, a partnership was established in 2022 with the Chilco Foundation with the aim of knowing and understanding the environment and its inhabitants. As a result of this work, we aim to have a greater knowledge of the various species that exist in the Vodudahue Valley and to contribute to science and the community through their dissemination.

A unique Fjord

The Vodudahue Valley has an extraordinary potential for conservation and scientific research. It is located in a site surrounded by mountains, granite cliffs, glaciers, and a temperate rainforest. Additionally, it is the home of the Andean giant, the Alerce tree (Fitzroya cupressoides), one of the largest trees and the second longest-lived in the world. The place has a unique and globally important ecosystem, and it is the gateway to the northern Chilean Patagonia

Propagation Nurseries

Strengthening its commitment to the environment and community development, the foundation also operates a nursery dedicated to the propagation of native species for reforestation of the native forest. The nursery currently faces the challenge of transforming into a center for practical studies and, at the same time, developing an internationally standardized botanical garden.


The development of a botanical garden is part of the activities related to the appreciation of the environment, as it allows to highlight the beauty and complexity of the flora and fungi of the environment as a whole in a small space. Additionally, the project serves as the on-site materialization of the scientific research and study conducted by the Chilco Foundation.

Why develop a botanical garden?

The botanical garden will be an international connection point, a center for natural appreciation, conservation, environmental education, research, and scientific development.

An important part of the foundation’s mission is associated with the conservation and appreciation of the environment, which is often hindered by the need to venture into nature, leaving us with a perspective of the macro whole observed from a distance.

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